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Padmaja Radhakrishnan Aug 3 SlideDeck3 / FAQ

You have got SlideDeck3 installables and don't know how to go about migrating from SlideDeck2 to SlideDeck3? 


Not to worry, it is just 3 step upgrade -- 

Step 1- Upload SlideDeck3 plugin files and Install the plugin

Step 2- deactivate SlideDeck2

Step 3 - Activate SlideDeck3 

Verify all you decks on front side. In case of any issues, please check our FAQ section.


Niranjan Deshak Aug 3 SlideDeck3 / FAQ

-New feature Auto Adjust Slides added in SlideDeck3,
-If it is on then height of slide is resize with the image height.


Niranjan Deshak Aug 3 SlideDeck3 / FAQ

-It happens sometimes when browser's security redirects every URL from protocol HTTP to HTTPS
-You can visit directly our site(without HTTPS) at http://www.slidedeck.com.

Niranjan Deshak Aug 3 SlideDeck3 / FAQ

-The login URL was changed recently
-Try to login using http://www.slidedeck.com/login instead of using http://www.dtelepathy.com/login

Niranjan Deshak Aug 3 SlideDeck3 / FAQ

Step 1: Check your php version, it should be not less than 5.3


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