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Rajashri lawande September 23, 2015 282 SlideDeck3 / SLIDEDECK3 CODEX

To add custom CSS to the deck, start with the selector you would like to override. For example, if you wanted to remove the caption area on the Tool Kit lens completely, you could write this selector:

.lens-tool-kit.sd2-title-dark .sd-node-title-box,
.lens-tool-kit.sd2-title-light .sd-node-title-box {
    display: none;

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Overview:-  You can import or export sliders created on different sites.

1. Importing a slider created on a test server to a live site
2. Exporting sliders created in multiple sites under the same domain
3. Changing domains

With just a click on the ‘Export Slider’ option, a JSON file is created. Import this file in your other WordPress site using the ‘Import Slider’ option. Slider have imported a slider with all the settings of the previously exported slider.



Available In:

SlideDeck 3 Developer

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Overview :-

Pull content from your favorite social platforms and showcase it in fullwidth sliders, or with a lightbox effect.



Appearance Options:

Show Lightbox: This option show or hide the lightbox effect

Show Fullwidth: This option show or hide the full width sliders

Playback Options:-

Slide Transition: Choose an animation for transitioning between slides

This has more options like :-

Blind X,Blind Y,Blind Z,Cover,Curtain X,Curtain Y,Grow X,Grow Y,Scroll up,Scroll down,Scroll horz,Scroll vert,Slide X,Slide Y,Toss,Turn Up,Turn Down,Turn Left,Turn Right,Uncover,Wipe,Zoom

Sources This Lens Works With:

500px, Dailymotion, Dribbble, Flickr, Google+, Google+ Images, Instagram, Pinterest, Posts, RSS Feeds, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Custom Content

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It schedule the Slidedeck as below:

1.Scheduling individual custom content slides
2.Scheduling custom content slides at deck level
3.Scheduling dynamic source slides at deck level



Setup Options:

Schedule Slider: This option used to set scedular on or off at deck level. If on then helps to set start and end for the slider at deck level.

Available In:

SlideDeck 3 Developer

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This option used to set global setting like caption position, preferred image size,image scaling at deck level. If this option is set to off then slide level setting are applied



Appearance Options:-

Use Global Settings :-  This option used to set global setting on or off.

Preferred Image Size:- This option used to set image size.

Caption Position:- This option used to set caption position top or bottom.

Image Scaling:- Changes the way that feature images on a slide are scaled.


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