How do I make my SlideDeck responsive?




  • Kevin Gilbert

    Way cool. I'm excited. I've converted over a few decks so far and overall it's working well, though, I'm seeing some inconsistencies, but I'll open a ticket for that if I can't get them working well.

    I was curious as to whether the SD widget supports the new responsive features by default, or if there's a way to enable responsive there, too. I have a theme, with a wide, widgetized home screen on which I have a slide deck placed, but being that it's done using the widget, I'm unclear as to what I should be seeing?

  • Kevin Gilbert

    Ok. Scratch that. I see the settings in the widget. My apologies. I had two sites open, thought I had updated both, but hadn't, and was looking at the widget in the non-updated site. Although, once I did get it right, updating the widget to be responsive completely altered the output. I'll open a ticket, but just wanted to clarify the comment here.

  • David Parrish

    I am unable to accomplish this in using the following in my template:

    <pre><?php echo do_shortcode('[SlideDeck2 id=2316 ress=1]'); ?></pre> 

    is there a way to make the sliders responsive in php? thanks

  • Oliver Whitham

    This s pretty awesome, I have noticed that I do get quite a lot of vertical space below the content in the slider with full window on high resolution screens though (check oliverwhitham dot com for example, testing fixed height tonight so may be some inconsistencies).

  • David Parrish

    Anyone? I cant get it to work in my theme. Oliver, how are you adding it in? can you share the code? Is there a setting I have to enable? My code in my template is as followed:

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[SlideDeck2 id=2316 ress=1]'); ?>

  • Jamie Hamel-Smith

    Hi David,

    Do you have an example URL? When you echo the shortcode, what exactly is the result? Also, it would be better to open a ticket specifically for this issue. That way the entier support team would be able to help you as it would be assigned to one of us.

  • David Parrish

    Will do! I actually am working Locally so I don't have a link. It displays the slider just fine but on a resize of the browser, it stays the same size.

  • saabana7

    I am unable to accomplish this in using the following in my template:
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[SlideDeck2 id=2316 ress=1]'); ?>

    is there a way to make the sliders responsive in php? thanks

  • hansford77

    Hi, I have a couple of problems with this. I use the slider to display pages in reporter style. When it is displayed on an iphone, all the text is gone, which makes it totally pointless. Is there a setting to sort this out? Also, the right side of the slider is cut off, so users can't scroll along the options. Thanks. This functionality is essential for me in deciding whether to update to the pro version so I would appreciate some help; 30% of my page views are using mobiles.

  • Kevin Chu

    Hi, I have the same problem as David Parrish. When I add ress=1, when viewed on my mobile device, it indeed is resized to fit the smaller screen. However, it disappears completely from my desktop browser. Any ideas?

  • Jamie Hamel-Smith

    Hi Kevin and David,

    Go ahead and open up a ticket and we'll do our best to help. If you're working on your local development environment and can't show us the code, then a screencast of the problem and some screenshots/text files of your generated source code should help too.

  • Elad Lentz

    Is there a way to add the function "ress=1" as default to every slide? without add it to: [SlideDeck2 id=139].
    If so, how?

    In the future, I think it would be great to add this option on the adv setting page like the Iframe option:
    Include the “iframe=1” attribute in all new shortcode embeds by default .


  • Wouter vanderToorn

    I just updated the slidedeck2 to 2.1.20130325 and it killed the responsive option. Hope you can fix that soon!


  • Matthew L Kilander

    I noticed the demo version and yeah responsive works... if you have (version 2.1.20120827) but... the latest version, responsive doesn't work. I really am liking the interface, but responsive is really needed! Please fix soon.

  • Sahus Pilwal

    Any chance when using the ress=1 option for responsive layout that it doesn't display it via an iFrame? Whilst some users of SlideDeck may use it purely for images others may use it for textual content which will certainly have SEO benefit which won't be crawled by Google and other major search engines.

  • Brett Bumeter

    I can't get the responsive capability to work either on version 2.1.20130325.

    I've tried running the slidedeck short code in a text widget.  I've tried using the Slidedeck 2 Widget itself.  I've tried with ress=1 and with and without the proportional option, which btw is poorly described above imho.

    In the SD2 widget I also checked and unchecked the box for use iframe and that did not work either.

    Currently leaving this running for now at

  • Scott Erholm

    I found out the hard way that if you specify proportional=true then it is NOT proportional! Therefore, if you want proportional behavior, simply do not specify that.

    Why would I have done that in the first place? Generally, I do not like or trust defaults, so I usually explicitly set parameters. In this case, that action broke the desired behavior of my slides.

  • Brett Bumeter

    Not selecting or unselecting proportional does not fix it for me.  Still no luck.

    Just tried it on a different site as well in this case running it from the SD2 widget.  No luck. 

  • Clint Godfrey

    I'm sorry, just bought SlideDeck 2 developer for $150. It's not responsive, Going to have to write my own media queries to get this to REPSOND to browser resolutions. It says responsive, but its by far not responsive. 

  • Clint Godfrey

    BUMMER, THE PRODUCT DETAILS SAYS RESPONSIVE ON IT. VERY MISLEADING. I will resort back to my awesome Responsive Slider Pro for $25.

  • Craig Bennett

    I learned the hard way as well. When I saw all the functionality on top of it being responsive I bought the developer for $150 like most of you only to find out that there is nothing responsive about this at all and noticeably the responses from Digital T on this matter has been silent like the night.

    I do always love how people will take your money real quick but when it comes to addressing issues you cant find them that fast...

  • Nicolas Vale
    I'm having trouble getting responsiveness to work using the twenty thirteen theme in Wordpress 3.6 The slidedeck always appears sized according to the original dimensions specified for the deck. On the desktop if the window is resized the slidedeck resizes correctly. However, on a mobile device it's not possible to resize the browser so the slidedeck always appears the original size.
  • Cynthia Hill

    ress=1 no longer works in my theme (business idea - from themeforest).  It used to, but when included in the shortcode, the gallery doesn't show up.  I've removed the ress=1 so that at least the gallery shows (I think my client would prefer that over no gallery).  Happy to give you a login if needed?



  • Dale Donnolly


    I am unable to get the [ress=1] option to work. The Slide shows up as just having a white background with no slide or visual.

    I have a Dev. license. Please contact to assist me with this.



  • Mapping Festival


    if you have your site working with http:// and your admin with https:// (define( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true); in config.php)

    contents in iframes (i.e. videos) won't load because of same origin policy enforced in browsers to avoid click-jacking.

    I think dtelepathy should add an option in "advanced options", named "force unsecured loading content" or something like that..

    Temporary fix :


    in wp-content/plugins/slidedeck2-personal/slidedeck2.php (line 2302) :

    replace :

    $url = admin_url( "admin-ajax.php?action={$this->namespace}_preview_iframe&uniqueid=" . $uniqueid . "&slidedeck={$id}&" . http_build_query( $dimensions, '', '&' ) );


    by :


    $url = admin_url( "admin-ajax.php?action={$this->namespace}_preview_iframe&uniqueid=" . $uniqueid . "&slidedeck={$id}&" . http_build_query( $dimensions, '', '&' ), 'http' );


    Please provide an option for all your clients in this case !

  • Dale Donnolly


    I am unable to get the [ress=1] option to work. The Slide shows up as just having a white background with no slide or visual.

    I have a Dev. license. Please contact to assist me with this.

  • Mapping Festival

    or better (my last fix broke the preview in the admin) :

    use : in wp-content/plugins/slidedeck2-personal/slidedeck2.php (line 2302)

    $url = admin_url( "admin-ajax.php?action={$this->namespace}_preview_iframe&uniqueid=" . $uniqueid . "&slidedeck={$id}&" . http_build_query( $dimensions, '', '&' ), strtolower(substr($_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"],0,strpos( $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"],':'))) );


    to autodetect current protocol (i.e. http in frontend, https in admin)

  • Jonathan Peck

    I'd like to echo Sahus' request for a non-iFrame, responsive layout.  iFrames have severe implications, for both SEO and loading speed.  Even if it is limited to a specific set of sizes (eg, change the "size" option into three options: "desktop size", "tablet size", "phone size"), that'd be MUCH better than using an iFrame.

  • Eric House

    Dear Slidedeck2 Tech Support...

    I have tried numerous CSS things to get the RESS responsive to work with our Slidedeck2 sliders and Wordpress version 3.9. We are using the latest plugin versions with Personal and full Developer Tools.

    Please point us in the correct direction to get the responsive elements working as designed.

    Woody House

    Online Graphics


  • Cynthia Hill

    In this day and age of responsive technology it makes no sense to have to specify the slide to be responsive.  It should default to responsive with the option to turn responsive off.   It should default to whatever the size of the device is, and give the user the OPTION to change it.    I still can't get one of my sites to have the slideshows responsive, AND when I use the method described here, the slideshow disappears.

    I have started using other slideshows as this just is unacceptable.   I will not be renewing my subscription, unless this is corrected.  It's just way too  much money to not have a truly premium plugin.


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