SlideDeck 2 Lens File Structure




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    Where the name of the class starts with the SlideDeckLens_ prefix and has a pascal cased version of your lens' slug name. In this example "my-lens" becomes "MyLens" - all hyphens between words in the slug are eliminated and all words have their first character capitalized. Just remember that this is a PHP Class and will conflict with other PHP Classes of the same name, so make sure that you have a unique Class name, otherwise PHP will throw a fatal error and you will break your WordPress installation until you correct the name to be unique. best website design

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    Any custom PHP, action hooks, filter hooks, etc. that this lens will run when rendering a SlideDeck. This file must exist for the lens to work, but does not need to contain anything more than a PHP Class declaration for the lens for things to work. For example, your lens.php file may just look like this:

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    SlideDeck. This may include creation of and bind events to custom navigational elements, hooking into callbacks for actions to occur after rendering a movement to a slide, etc.

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