SlideDeck 2.1.20121102 Released




  • saabana7

    Just update to this version and I affected by the issue None of admin section display please see attach file

  • John Botica

    Hi Saabana7 - please create a new ticket here: and we will get back to you ASAP. Also - please make sure you have installed version 2.1.20121102 and not 2.1.20121101 - and deactivate and reactivate it.

  • Judy Koller

    I have deactivated and reactivated the above version and I cannot create a new slidedeck or add content to existing ones.  I have already sent 2 tickets to the above url and have not heard anything back.  I would really like to use this as I recently paid for it.  Glad the one that I have already created are still working.

  • saabana7

    fix by downgrade to version 2.1.20121017 (svn) from

  • Judy Koller

    Install failed-- tried twice.

  • Monique Cydylo

    I'm having the same bug. Let me know when you guys fix it.

  • John Botica

    Hi Guys - if you have not already - please open a new ticket up here with details:


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