SlideDeck 2.1.20121017 Released




  • Jeff Walberg

    I'm fairly new to WP administration, and my site shows that my plugins are all up to date. Does that mean I need to delete them and reinstall? 

  • John Botica

    hi Jeff - usually I find either 1) a refresh of the plugins page once you are there works, or in a pinch 2) go to the SlideDeck advanced options, and click on Verify next to your license key and save those options. 


  • Jeff Walberg

     It keeps telling me that I'm running the latest version. I just installed SlideDeck2 on Monday, so maybe I already had all the updates? 

  • John Botica

    Hi Jeff - yeah, WordPress caches the updates, I think at a 24 hour cycle. If you updated on Monday then you don't have the latest update, that was released on Wed.

    In your WP Admin you can try going to the Updates page, Dashboard > Updates and click the "Check Again" button at the top of the page. If that does not do it, then you can always login to your dt Labs Account and download the updates manually. 

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