SlideDeck 2.0.20120517 Released




  • William Chen


    When will we be able to download the new release.



  • Jamie Hamel-Smith

    The upgrade is available from the updates section of WordPress currently, and we will post it in the account section early next week.

  • Christine Tabor

    I purchased your first release (2.0), but haven't uploaded yet. Should I upload, then update within WP, or get a new download from you? (SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS, HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT'S DOING THAT)...

  • Christine Tabor

    This may seem like a silly question, but bear with me, I'm new to Slide Deck, and also to Slide Deck 2.  :)

    All of your examples show the content coming from specific sources, some external.

    But I don't see an example of using specific images of my choosing... do I upload them to Slide Deck somehow... pull them from WP media library or gallery... or... ?  Are there sizing recommendations, etc.?  Maybe I missed the instructions on that, but if you could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.



  • Christine Tabor

    OFF TOPIC... is there a way to update the timezone in our profile to set it to our own?   :-)

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