SlideDeck 2.1.20130116 Released




  • Alco Wingelaar

    Slidedeck doesn't work with wordpress 3.5.1 ? (Can't select other lenses etc. ?)

  • Jamie Hamel-Smith

    It does indeed work with WordPress 3.5.1. Open up a new support ticket with us, and describe the exact issues you're having. We'll do our best to help out.

  • Alco Wingelaar

    Hi Jamie, Ok, done that. Waiting for the response. Looking forward for that!

  • T Collins Lakeland High

    Same issue here!!!  I tested this on multiple browsers and on multiple operating systems.  It was working with a 3.4 WP version.  As soon as I updated to WP 3.5.1 it stopped working.  I can't add custom content slides, I can't select different lenses, I can't see half of the dynamic options when the pop up screen pops up.  It cuts it in half.  I've even deactivated all other plugins as well as deleted and reinstalled.  Still not working!!!

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